Sunday, July 24, 2011

So many projects!!!

     When you love crochet/knitting you want to try out all kinds of patterns.  Unfortunately, if you are like me and get easily distracted, you end up with a couple dressers full of unfinished projects waiting for the day my interest in it is rekindled.  Now I do eventually open up the drawers and pick one to work on but when it comes to the larger projects, like full king or queen sized blankets, it goes in and out of the drawers many times before it gets completed.  I have blankets in those dressers that have been slowly worked on for years!  I'll take it out, work diligently on it for a month, then put it back as my interest wanes and moves on to another project, sometimes it's a new project, sometimes it's another project from the drawers.

     The other day I realized that it's been well over a couple years since I've had a new blanket to put on my bed or fold up on the couch despite the fact I've been crocheting and working on blankets the whole time!  I decided it was time to correct this.  It was time to pick a project and stick to it until finish..... Easier said than done...

These are just a few of my unfinished projects, mostly blankets

Pink hexes, knitted blue squares and green pinwheels
Aran Patchwork: green one and off-white one

Pink baby blankets

Soft ripple afghan and green afghan (started but then taken appart)

      Then there are my 3 large blankets that I work on more than the others:

One piece blue wool-eater

   This is the one I'm currently endeavoring to focus on.  I started it about a year or two ago when I first discovered the wool-eater pattern.  I wanted to make one piece blanket with the pattern which of course would mean it would be square and so decided it would be for a king-sized bed.  Besides, big blankets always seem so much cozier. I'm now at the point where one big skein of yarn doesn't always make it to the end of the round so I need to buy two skeins per round.  This pattern takes up A LOT of yarn (I can only assume that's why it's called the "wool-eater" pattern) but I think it will pay off big time on chilly fall and winter nights when you need nice heavy weight blankets to curl up under to stay warm :D

Solid blue bedspread
     I found this pattern in a really old crochet booklet from a second hand shop.  The original pattern called for just one solid colour and I liked the idea so I went with it.  I had 4 1000g skeins of yarn stored away in 4 different colours: pink, green (aran patchwork see above), off white (aran patchwork see above) and blue.  The plan when I originally bought them (on sale :D) was to have 4 solid colour blankets. Lately I've had to restrain myself from starting on the pink one (I've had patterns in mind for all 4 colours the day I bought them over 5 years ago, just never finished any of them and in the case of the pink, never even started it). I can only restrain myself for so long.... I foresee that pink blanket being started very soon despite friends' and family's encouragement to FINISH A PROJECT!! :)

Fall babette-wooleater
     Now this one is my pride and joy!  I'm quite proud of it, though it's taking FOREVER to complete. I took the wool-eater pattern and "tweaked" it, then used it in a babette style placement. I've been assembling bit-by-bit as I go which is very time consuming.  I'm not following any set out configuration, just putting squares together and seeing how it looks.  Once the blanket is complete I will compile a pattern which will be available to buy, but that is in the very distant future.  I love the oranges, reds and browns, and I think this will one day be a perfect fall blanket.  I'm very excited to get it finished, but I can only handle so much frustration at how long it takes to sew them all together and weave in all the ends :s.

     Oh and let's not forget the partially done Christmas projects.  I suspect these to grow this year as I have several new Christmas projects I want to start and attempt to finish for the Christmas season.

Christmas afghan and Christmas stocking
     Now of course I still have several other projects, but that's enough photographing for today; I need to do some actual crochet too :).