Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jean Quilt

My very own, very first: Jean Quilt! I love these things! They are perfect for picnics in the summer, keeping toasty while camping in the fall, and cozying up under during the winter.

This quilt started when a friend of mine cleaned out their closet. Instead of discarding the 7-8 pairs of jeans and kahkis I leaped into action and demanded them handed over so I could make a thrifty quilt.

Helping a friend clear out their closet and stealing all the jeans
Of course it would take a year or two of them sitting in a box in my To-Do pile, but eventually I got to it. What a process it was! Although it only took a couple months, it felt like forever!

First I had to take apart the pants, and I don't mean just cutting the good pieces and discarding the seams. Being ever conscious on using up as much as I can, I took the seems apart in order to maximize the amount of fabric available for the quilt. I even took off the pockets and used them!

Next I washed all the pieces, then decided on an approximate design. I made up a cardboard template for the squares then took out my rotary mat and blade and got cutting. This part took sooooooo long. It became nearly excruciating in the end. I was real happy when I was done with this part.

Gurr interfering as usual

All the pieces cut

Once all the pieces were cut I started assembling, laying the pieces out in the living room floor in order to find a nice pattern that would work with the amount of squares I had for each colour.  The fun part is always the shortest.

Choosing a good design

Soon enough it was time to pick out a backing. I had a large bolt of dark blue and green flannel plaid that I had been lugging around for a while and it was perfect for the backing to a jean quilt (glad I lugged it around instead of getting rid of it a few years back (that's for all you nay-sayers who criticize my carrying around my large stash of fabrics every time I move :P)). The backing to this quilt pretty much used up the entire bolt.

Deciding on which fabric to use as a backing
Pining the 2 layers together for sewing

I sewed the backing on around the edges, and although I haven't yet secured the middle, at some point I will, most likely using phentex yarn, but only on a few squares.

The finished product!

I used this quilt for the first time on a camping trip last weekend and it was phenomenal! Nice and heavy and super warm! I'm VERY happy with how this one turned out. Jean quilts are very awesome and I recommend every household have one! :)

Keep crafty everyone!