Thursday, August 30, 2012

Toddler Summer Quilts

A beautiful thing has happened to a friend's family! An adoption! My good friend's sister has officially adopted a little girl and the family is welcoming the first grand-child! With such a beautiful event, how can I not craft something from the heart? Colours requested were "NOT PINK", "Probably purple and green" and "she likes really soft things". So I got to crafting and designed a toddler quilt. Then I sifted through my stash to find the perfect materials. I couldn't decide on the light fabrics or dark ones so I decided to make two and decide later. One would be for the newest member of the family while the other I could sell.

Fabrics chosen


The pieces all cut and ready to sew together

Gurr overseeing my work as usual
Assembly was quite quick. I machine quilted the blankets and so used lots of pins to hold the pieces in place while I sewed. It was my first experience with machine quilting, and I think I might have ended up stabbing myself with pins more often than not, but once it was finished, it was well worth it. The resulting blankets turned out great!!

The first quilt to be done was the light one. Part way through assembly I decided it would be the gift for my friend's family (and the dark one would be for sale once completed)

The dark one sold the day I completed it. How exciting! :)

I truly enjoyed this project and plan on making more at some point. I decided to call these quilts "summer quilts" because of how light they are (no layer of batting). They are very cozy and not too warm.

Project Stats:
Hours / Days worked on: approximately 26 hours in 4 days
Project Deadline: TBD some time in August.
Project Progress:

Design ------------------ Done (21/07/2012)
Materials ---------------- Done (21/07/2012)
Cutting ------------------ Done (21/07/2012)
Sewing (top piece) ------ Quilt 1 Done (27/07/2012) Quilt 2 Done (24/08/2012)
Sewing (assemble) ------ Done (24/08/2012)
Quilting ----------------- Quilt 1 Done (24/08/2012) Quilt 2 Done (25/08/2012)
Completed: ------------- Quilt 1 Done (24/08/2012) Quilt 2 Done (25/08/2012)

Finished dimensions: approximately 44" x 58"