Monday, April 15, 2013

Mini Crochet Rugs

I love getting crafty scraps from crafty friends. It's always a fun challenge to find materials with no evident use and creatively turning them into something beautiful and useful.
While visiting some crafty friends in Hamilton I got to dive into a bag of scraps and found these small balls of fabric yarns. What to do?  

Left over fabric yarns

I decided to make mini rugs!  I used the largest crochet hook I could find and just used single crochet rows for the two rectangular ones then a long chain plus rounds for the oval one.  The small circular one was made using circular rounds and is great for under a cake tray or under large potted plants.

3 Rugs

Smaller circular rug/placemat
Keep creative and crafty everyone!

*Update*  November 12th 2013:
I'm happy to say that all rugs are currently being used in my new place here in Thunder Bay. :)

Under the rubber tree in the kitchen

In the bathroom

In the living room on the ottoman/chest to keep cat hair contained
*Not shown: pink and green rug in my roommate's bedroom*