Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend in Sudbury

     Last weekend a most wonderful thing happened: my good friends Becky and Jake got married!!  Both being from Sudbury, they had a fantastic outdoor backyard ceremony in Sudbury on a beautiful sunny day.  Of course this meant I got the opportunity to travel out of Fort Frances for a bit of a vacation and spend some time with my crafty friend. And despite it being her wedding weekend, she found ample time to get crafty!

     I got to see some of her more recent projects, one of them being a nifty handbag and another some heavy duty slippers, and help out with a new one;  all on the day before her wedding.  One of the great things about spending time with a Becky, or any crafting buddy, is all the new ideas that come up.  Of course with Becky's energy level, and all the projects she's done the ideas are 10 fold!  Needless to say I came back right full of motivation and teeming to the brim with new ideas!

Becky's lap blankets
     One of the neat projects I got to see was a some really cute little lap blankets Becky put together as gifts for family.  She made them by sewing a layer of linen to a layer of fleece.  They turned out quite nice.

Helping Becky out with a new bathing suit
  Becky's project that day was a new bathing suit.  Since she couldn't find the pattern she had previously purchased she decided to just put something together and see how it would turn out.  The great thing about creating this way (without a pattern) is that you almost always stumble upon something new and great!  The resulting design was very cute, though the seems were off and there was no time to fix them, the bathing suit did not get to make it's debut that weekend.  After all, it was the day before her wedding, and as much as crafting is awesome, there were other duties to tend to. :) (For more photos of crafting in Sudbury and a the wedding click here)

Becky's kitchen sewing mess
          So my weekend in Sudbury was really great!  I got to spend time with good friends, make new ones, get crafty and be part of a wonderful and beautiful wedding.  What more could one ask for?


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