Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cat Quilt

Now that I finally have my very own quilting rack (and the space to set it up in), I can finally get to quilting the cat quilt I made ages ago.

Back in March 2007 I spent some time visiting with my family. While visiting I decided to make a quilt. My mom had a bag of fabric scraps that I decided to go through and use to make a scrap quilt.  I copied a cat pattern from one of my aunt's pattern books and began the complicated endeavour. It was challenging to use a complex pattern for my first quilt, but it was such a nice pattern and the scraps so unique that I really enjoyed making it.

Unfortunately, quilting takes up a lot of space and so the kitchen, dinning room, and living room were all taken up by my little quilting set up (ironing board, counters to sort the fabrics, counters to cut the pieces, sewing machine set up on the table, completed pieces laid out in the living room...). I spent about a week working on the top piece and listening to CBC, which gave me the comforting feel of home, reminding me of the times spent at my grandmother's when I was young and she did her quilting.

Some of the quilting explosion
More of the quilting explosion

There were so many little pieces to cut and sew that the blocks really needed to be cut and assembled one at a time. It was great for using up the scraps though, and I find the variation in patterns gives it a really nice and unique look.

Scrap cat quilt in the making
Top piece completed

In 2009, while living in Ottawa I  prepared a backing, got some batting, and pinned the layers together. I then tried to quilt it by hand using a big hoop (similar to small cross-stitch hoops), but that didn't work.

Happy to see my quilt again, ready to pin the three layers together
The quilt eventually got folded up and put into storage until I could find a way to stretch it out for hand quilting.

Fast forward to 2013, last weekend, I got to set up my quilting rack in the basement and pinned up the quilt. I am happy to say that it's finally on it's way to being quilted! I'm very excited to work on it AND finish it!

Ready for hand quilting
My first real quilt, this one has special meaning for me and I can't wait to put it on my bed and cozy up under it :).

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