Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pink Baby Blankets

Now that I have a lot of my stuff back from storage (where it was living for a couple years), I've been rolling up my sleeves and tackling old half-finished projects from ages ago. So far I've completed 2 pink baby blankets. It might not seem like all that much considering how many projects I have on the go, but I assure you it feels like I've accomplished much! These blankets had been started well over half a decade ago and have been just sitting around waiting to be picked back up and completed. I wouldn't be surprised if the knitted one was nearly a decade old!! Both of them were Dresser Projects (See post: "So Many Projects!!!").

Knitted Pink and Purple Baby Blanket
(nearly a decade in the making!)

Pink ZigZag Baby Blanket

Kitten helped!!
 In conclusion, it feels pretty good to finish up lingering projects. Problem is, I enjoyed working on the knitted blanket so much I decided to start another one! This time, pink and yellow! (Photos and entry to come)

Keep Crafty Everyone!

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